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music -vs- music

you pick who survives

music fighters unite! judo chop!
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( you MUST read this. seriously)
[1] WELCOME to Band Elimination! this is not a rating community, but a game. yes! a game on livejournal. i've made it up and i do say it's deathly entertaining. let me explain what Band Elimination actually is ...
[2] The game is centered around presenting two bands or musicians in a post, versing each other in a battle to the death. members of the community will post who they want to win the fight. its simple. at the end of the 24 hours that each battle can last, the votes are tallied by a mod and the winner is declared.
[3] the winning musician advances to the next round where a new challenger is presented, and the process repeats itself.
[4] where do you get new challengers? well that's where you come in. at the end of every battle, there will be a post round wrap up. the first person to reply to the wrap up will then start the next challenge. once you are sure you're the first poster, you are given permission to go ahead and post a new challenge, noting what round it is in the subject line. they will post and present the new battle containing the previous winner and a challenger of their choice. this repeats so on and so forth.
[5] the game is really fun and really simple. so don't fuck it up.
[8] when you are voting for the first time, put the words "music fighter n00b" in the subject so i know you read the rules.
[9] explaining why you voted the way you did is encouraged but not needed. it brings up discussion over the post and makes things more interesting.
[10] once a musician wins three fights in a row, they are retired and are moved to a separate category. the next three time winner will face the same fate, but the two alumni will fight in a championship battle - the loser winning the title. this fighter can only be challenged once another musician has won three matches in a row.
[45] so come on in. do yo thing, and watch dolly parton kick marilyn manson's ass. ba--zing!
[666] don't be cruel to the other members. most anything is allowed, but use common sense, because you can get banned.

[798]do not use bands on the right side bar. they were used this year and repeats suck.
[900] use the new tags system. its self explanatory, so just do it.
[904.6] don't advertise or promote anything. this is just a game- other communities can deal with other "music matters".

steves_a_douche / maintainer
olpluvr / moderator / vote counter
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