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I pimped this community to the Facebook community called "I Have a Livejournal!". Hopefully that will bring in some minions.

Hoping, because in the last round, there was only 1 vote. David Bowie will be in Round 194... if someone will take the challenge.
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~190 Results~

One vote last round. *shakes head in shame

Elvis Costello beat Buddy Holly.

He's the n00b winner and will battle someone else in Round 191. But who?

The advantage for the next round is that any band can be used now. New year= new tally of bands. Rock out.
Not used bands always= love, but any can be used now.

(PS- I hate originally accidentally posting this in my personal journal. Damnit!)
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as I'm pretty sure I was the only one to respond to the wrap up post...

um, new challenge i 'spose. hope i'm doing this properly.




thick glasses epic death battle
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